The Echoes of Ashlington: Book 1 The Ashlington Series

Ashlington Manor has a protector. Two hundred years after his death he needs help to find the man he loved.

2015 ‘There has been a Durand in Ashlington for hundreds of years,’ was something Lillian had heard all her life. A life now spent in London with the career, fiancé, and success she had always wanted. When forced to return to her ancestral Cotswold home, a chilling presence with a desperate message leads her to believe she is not the only Durand left walking the halls of Ashlington Manor.

1807 Henry escapes his father’s expectations by taking a commission in the British Army where he meets Robert Westbrook. Standing shoulder to shoulder through the Peninsula War, not only fighting the French but each other’s demons, their bond grows into something deeper. But it is going home to Ashlington that Henry dreads. Home where disaster waits.

Lillian enlists the help of childhood friend Nick Hawkins to unravel Henry’s story, discovering much of what they had been told of Lillian’s heroic ancestor was a lie. Can past and present find a way to work together so that they might all settle their grief, find love once lost, and learn what it truly means to be home, or will Ashlington be lost forever?  

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Honour Bound: Book 2 (novella) The Ashlington Series

Taking place within the past timeline of The Echoes of Ashlington, this is Lisbon, 1808.

A year after running away from home, seventeen-year-old Henry Durand and his best friend, fellow officer Robert Westbrook, arrive in Portugal as part of the British force to retake Spain from the French.

When their wayward exploits bring them close to severe reprimand, they accept the deal offered—the matter brushed aside for help with a sensitive undertaking. Now involved in the hunt for a traitor, it is not only plans for the advance at risk, but the reputation of the name Westbrook. Something that haunts Henry's friend since the death of his father.

Unable to confide in their steadfast leader, Captain Sinclair, and way in over their heads, they have only each other to rely on. What they don't know is just how dangerous their mission truly is, and how betrayal hurts most the closer it is to home.

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Souls Landing: Book 1 The Lost Souls Series

Owain Vaughn wants nothing more than a quiet life on his family farm in the Welsh mountains, where he can forget about the ghosts of war, and care for his younger sister. Shattering his peaceful existence, veteran-bomber pilot Ryan Mitchell crashes into Owain's life with his own ghosts in tow.

With the damage to his yellow biplane requiring replacement parts, Ryan bides his time on the farm, helping Owain, a man struggling to fit into his post-war role.

Can they trust their instincts and admit their connection before they run out of time, or will it take interference from a surprising source to lay the ghosts to rest?

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British author, Rowan, currently lives in the UK with her husband and their two children. Following a career in business aviation Rowan now loves to travel with the family, exploring the great outdoors and history of wherever they find themselves, especially if castles or battlefields are involved.

Both the Ashlington and Lost Souls series are published by Spectrum Books.

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